Katy Youth Choir

The award-winning Katy Youth Choir (also known as Katy Children's Choir), is devoted to inspire the artist within each child through the power of music, and provide vocal and choral music education of high quality to youth of the Katy area who represent richly diverse backgrounds.

KYC ignites a love of singing and expressing, nurtures each individual's potential for personal excellence in vocal music education, while instilling self-discipline and confidence to last into adulthood.Our highly qualified directors offer meaningful and enriching rehearsals each week, and prepare and choose music and vocal techniques appropriate for each age group. Our KYC children return home from rehearsals and just keep singing! We take pride in expanding the arts in the Katy's homes and the community.

General Info

KYC welcomes all youth (boys and girls) in the community who agree to abide by the choir's
Participant Handbook and Rehearsal Respect Policies.

Katy Youth Choir does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, and ethnic origin. For boys who would like to participate, please note that this is a treble choir, and is best suited for boys with unchanged voices.

Semester Schedule

Spring Semester 2017: Feb 2 - May 4th

Semester Tuition

Grades K-2: $175/semester
Prima Voce - Grades 3-4 mixed boys and girls: $200/semester
Bella Voce - Grades 5-8 mixed boys and girls: $200/semester
Bravi- Grades 9-12 mixed boys and girls: $225/semester

Our Choirs

K-2 - Preparatory, mixed boys and girls
Prima Voce - Grades 3-4, mixed boys and girls
Bella Voce - Grades 5-8, mixed boys and girls
Bravi - Grades 9-12, mixed boys and girls


Prima Voce and K-2: Thursdays 4:40-5:40
Bella Voce and Bravi: Thursdays 5:45-7:15
St. Peter's United Methodist Church
20775 Kingsland Blvd., Katy, TX 77450